Who is nik richie dating

“But I lost my son, and now Shawna is carrying my son.

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Nik says that Lilly was texting him just a few weeks in and declaring she was in love and Dhar was the one.

She said the way it was given to her was very unauthentic.

In the middle of her birthday dinner, he asked everyone to come outside and he had called paparazzi to the location so they’d catch the ‘gift’ giving on film.

Nik mentions again that he thought it was going too fast – they met and two minutes later were making love in the Maldives and says it was gross.

Lilly admits it was too much, too fast, but says any girl in her position would’ve done the same thing. I literally woke up every day to giant deliveries of roses, love poems, all my favorite foods.

Craig, who actually works at a fertility agency that helps couples (like Shayne and Richie) select egg donors and surrogates, decided to become a surrogate for her husband’s daughter.

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