Who is joe cheng dating


In real life, Chinese fans and news media are keeping a close eye on the couple, as their every move in public has become fodder for discussion.Some time ago, Chinese fans were almost convinced that Wang Kai and Chen Qiao-En (aka Joe Chen) were dating because they were seen kissing in public.However, this love lasted less than half a year after breaking up, so far the reason for breaking up is not very clear.As we all know, Joe Chen is Wallace Huo's only former girlfriend admitted in front of the media.It was a star-studded night at Ariel Lin’s engagement party yesterday.All her ‘ex-boyfriends’ including Chen Bolin, Kai Ko, Daniel Chan, Hu Ge and Eli Shih attended her special event.

In May last year, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin open love, ten years of good friends become the love of this life, in July, two people entered the marriage hall.Both sides stand up and deny, Wallace Huo is more maintenance, "something rushed me, black I do not matter, she is a girl, do not go too far."".During the filming, two people mixed up the news all over the place, but because Wallace Huo's career was heavy, Joe Chen lacked the sense of security, and the two people gathered away from each other, which led to the breakup. Character is not appropriate, along with long will know, they still failed to survive the period.It turned out that they were filming Recently, it's been reported that the adorable couple's parents were seen getting together.It's usually a sign for something serious happening when parents enter the picture. In late December, Chen Qiao-En and her parents were spotted in Wuhan, the city that is also Wang Kai's hometown.Please update this to complete the sign-up process.

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