Who is david oliver dating


He grew up on the same block as guitarist Brent Allen and bassist Jeff Valentine. He claimed in an interview that the band's name doesn't really stand for anything, that they just needed a band name.

His brother Andrew Oliver is the drummer in the band.

In 1981 after Trish had stolen Scotty from David, David returned to Salem. David was charged with Alex's shooting, and was sentenced to seven years in prison.While returning from a visit with Trish and Scotty David was shot.He made his way to the Twilight bar and met up with Nick Corelli.Also, the will stated the first couple to have a child would receive an extra five million dollars.Renee and David reluctantly moved into the Di Mera mansion with Tony and Anna.In 1983 David eventually divorced Renee after she had tried to kill Anna Di Mera.

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