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" To answer this we must go back to the days of marriage by capture," for, as has been shown by writers on the history of marriage, the best man" was the friend or comrade who helped the bridegroom to catch his bride.How few and simple are his duties at the present day, compared with what these once were !However, one too many pages of Vogue USA later, which tends to showcase beautiful, embellished pieces but that also has little practicality in one’s daily life, I decided it was best to start looking for “heirloom” pieces that I could first wear and then later, pass down to my daughter (if i did have one in the future, i.e. I happened to be in London and read about “Annie’s” in Islington, a vintage shop where Kate Moss and other fashion bigwigs shop (or so I read, in the reviews) On my last day, I rushed to the store and rang the tinkly doorbell, convinced the shop was closed because it was empty and the door was locked.

Its origin is some-what obscure ; most writers, apparently, consider it as merely a necessary incident in marriage by capture." Another suggestion, already mentioned, is that the bridegroom took up the bride in his arms when they arrived at his house, and lifted her over the doorstep lest she should be so unlucky as to stumble, which would be a bad omen for her future happiness. 114), where evidence is adduced to show that in old days a Roman bride was expected to manifest the greatest reluctance to step over the door of her husband's house, because to appear to do so willingly would have shown a want of true maidenly modesty (compare Arabia, Persia).They pelt the young menformerly the attacking partywith balls of boiled rice.Then they make a last stand at the door of the house, and, finally, only suffer the bridegroom to enter and take away his bride, after paying toll in the form of presents all round ; in fact they are bribed, and their resistance is more or less assumed for appearance sake.They call for no special exertion, and certainly are unattended with dangerif we except the danger of falling in love with a pretty bridesmaid.But in those early days what might he not have to do, from murder downwards?Throwing old shoes after the bride and bridegroom on their going away is possibly anothe relic of the same kind ; but there are two interpretations of this custom.

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