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Probably hundreds of thousands of Link Station users have sucsessfully flashed their firmware. Typically, problems are home-made when people don't manage to follow instructions.

Note: A handful of users have reported that the update process hangs at the end. In this situation wait an extended period of time (perhaps an hour or two) to make sure the firmware update is really done then power-cycle the Link Station.

To reduce the possibility of serious errors, connect the Link Station directly to your PC and disable any firewall(s), including any built-in Windows firewall. Make sure the Link Station and your PC are on the same sub-network.

This likely requires that you change the IP address (and probably the subnet-mask) of your PC to a different (and static) IP address (see the file for the subnet).

You should also make sure that your Link Station can get an IP address both with and without DHCP - especially if you are installing Free Link, since it is configured to use DHCP by default.

It is also a good idea to try flashing your Link Station with the stock firmware.

You can obtain the version number by calling "Maintenance/System Status" in the web interface or by running the IP setup software which comes with the Link Station.

You can also identify the Link Station firmware version by checking for a small cable selection switch (below the red init button) on the back of the Link Station.

Run the firmware updater executable ( After finding your Link Station, press the "Renew Firmware" button, and wait. If you think the Firmware updater is acting strange, do not try to disconnect the Link Station or abort the update in another way.The instructions are organized in a relatively linear fashion, but you should make sure that you understand why things are done in a certain way, rather than following the instructions blindly.Start by checking the Link Station firmware version.Some users have reported that when installing Free Link, the updater finishes flashing, but then displays a "Firmware update failed" message (on a HD-HGLAN300 at least), even if the update actually succeeded.This is most likely because the Link Station reboots, and Free Link does not fall back on the default IP when it cannot get a DHCP address.Flashing your Link Station with an unofficial firmware will probably void your warranty. Do not attempt to flash your Link Station if you If you think the above is meant as a joke, think again.

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