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With docker-compose set as the startup project and Docker for Windows running set to Linux containers you should now be able to run the application.If everything is working you should be able to see sales being created in the database.Either way, you then use SQL Server Management Studio to create dbo.Sale and set up security as described above, ensuring that you create different logins for the different environments.Once everything is working locally the next step is to switch over to VSTS and create a build.I'm assuming that you've cloned my Git Hub repo to your own Git Hub account however if you are doing it another way (your repo is in VSTS for example) you'll need to amend accordingly.It's a good question and the answer is probably yes.However at the time of writing there isn't a great story to tell about how Visual Studio integrates with Kubernetes on a developer workstation (ie to allow debugging as is possible with Docker) so I'm purposely ignoring this for the time being.

By now you may be wondering if Mega Store should be running locally under Kubernetes rather than in Docker via docker-compose.In order to run the complete application you will first need to create an Azure SQL Database.The easiest way is probably to create a new database (also creates a server at the same time) via the portal and manage with SQL Server Management Studio.NET Core application (in the sense that it has more moving parts), and I show how to deploy Mega Store to an AKS cluster using VSTS.Future posts will use Mega Store as I work through more advanced Kubernetes concepts.You should now be able to test the build by committing a minor change to the source code.

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