Updating gentoo

For these instructions, let's say you want to upgrade "media-libs/alsa-lib", "media-sound/alsa-headers", and "media-sound/alsa-utils" on boards "x86-generic" and "daisy".You plan to try the stable upstream versions first.The chromiumos source has projects that are portage "overlays", all under Figure out which package or packages you want to upgrade, using their full "category/package" name (e.g. Decide whether you want to upgrade them to the latest stable or unstable versions.Generally, your first choice should be to upgrade packages to the latest stable upstream version.To upgrade to unstable versions, simply add the You may also need to clean up the files in your commit.Our convention is to only check in files that are used, and some upgrades come with extra files (such as unused patch files, for example).If your package or packages are used on the host, then you want to upgrade for the host (which can be done at the same time as the boards).

If you also need to upgrade on the host (chroot/amd64) use the If the script runs all the way through without any problems the first time then you have no missing dependencies or other build-related obstacles to the upgrade. If the script does not run all the way through the first time, it should give you the means to determine why.In any case, you are given the output of the failing emerge command so that you can determine for yourself what is needed.Make the necessary change (perhaps adding another package to upgrade at the command line), then run again.If the package lives in the portage-stable overlay, you do not need to worry about this as we do not permit patches to be made in there.For all other overlays, it's pretty much guaranteed there are custom changes in play.It is important to determine what should happen to that patch after the upgrade.

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