Updating a jdbc with access

An example of this is the KPRB (Kernel Program Bundled) driver supplied with Oracle RDBMS.

"jdbc:default:connection" offers a relatively standard way of making such a connection (at least the Oracle database and Apache Derby support it).

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It is recommended that the SQLException be translated into an application domain exception (an unchecked one) that eventually results in a transaction rollback and a notification to the user.

An example of a database transaction: JDBC drivers are client-side adapters (installed on the client machine, not on the server) that convert requests from Java programs to a protocol that the DBMS can understand.

JDBC represents statements using one of the following classes: Update statements such as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE return an update count that indicates how many rows were affected in the database.

These statements do not return any other information. The row result set is used to walk over the result set.

Data is retrieved from the database using a database query mechanism.

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