Textbox onvalidating dating midlife relationship

The regular expression will play the role of input validator. I added an Expression property that is designed to contain a regular expression, and I provided an overridden implementation of the inherited On Validating method. Text property is validated, my new method is called.

For example, we don't want Accept Mismatch to be called—see lines 26 through 34—unless the Expression is not empty and the Regex. If we use plain old Or, we get the Accept Mismatch dialog every time, which of course is a logic error.Clicking OK indicates that this is an acceptable state of affairs; clicking Cancel indicates that the user wants to try again.Page 1 of 2 By submitting your information, you agree that may send you developer offers via email, phone and text message, as well as email offers about other products and services that developer believes may be of interest to you. Is there any way the total textbox should stop at 0 and respond to the changes done in the amount in the other textboxes? Validating Hello Saige Sir, It works great, but if I keep chaging my numbers in other textbox ,it goes in negative. total textbox textbox1 900 -------expected result is it should go back to 1000 but does not Any suggestions Sir?The following code example uses the derived class Text Box and validates an e-mail address that the user enters.

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