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This can help you can think about what you could do to help yourself, or how to ask for help from others.

The experience of loneliness is deeply personal; both its causes, the individual circumstances and consequences, and so it is difficult to give you a ‘catch all’ solution to how you can address your own loneliness.

MANAGEMENT consultant Benita Meswania-Patel, 34, is married to Hitesh Patel, 35, who runs a catering business. I’ve just returned to work after a year’s maternity leave.

From Monday to Friday I organise meetings and conference calls around my son.

Running my business, after-school clubs and play dates mean I never get a moment to myself.

I go to the gym four times a week and put in a few hours on my business when the kids are in bed.

While I try to busy myself with housework and washing, there are only so many hours you can spend on such chores.

I’m trying to find other friends but it isn’t easy when you are in your thirties. I can be sat at home on a Saturday evening kicking myself for not having arranged something to do.

And it does not affect only the elderly and people who live on their own.

A commission looking into the issue found a shocking one in five of us are “always or often” craving company.

We advise getting in contact with organisations like your local Age UK, Independent Age, Royal Voluntary Service, or The Silverline.

For people of all ages, there is Support Line and specifically for men there is also the Calm Zone If you would like to help others who you fear might be lonely: We would encourage anyone who wants to reduce loneliness to join the Campaign to End Loneliness by visiting

I am guilty of spending hours on social media and looking at what friends are up to.

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