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At first he was of course very shy and felt uncomfortable talking to the girl on the phone.But he did not gave up and just explained the situation.

The more highly educated people in India speak English fluently, but that is only when someone for example does not speak Tamil.

It’s something you grow into , you get experienced. He is a man that is a hard worker and is very smart. As soon as he saw a hot desi girl his mind went blank and he only thought about her private parts or boobs. He did not have experience in talking in a normal way to beautiful girls.

And with that very important experience girls for example will know/feel that you have experience. Yes my dear reader, Tamil phone sex will change your life. He went from not knowing what to talk about, to knowing exactly saying the right words to women.

It can be everything you want it to be in your life.

Some have kinky thoughts, some might need some help from an experienced women.

And the strange thing is that when you are talking about sex and flirting you do not want to think about every word you want to say to the other person.

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