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Dilbert received his master's degree in electrical engineering from MIT; he understands engineering well and has good ideas, but has a poor social life.

Neither attractive nor blessed with tremendous social graces, Dilbert is capable, but ignored at work and struggles with his romantic life.

Dogbert is a megalomaniac intellectual dog, planning to one day conquer the world.

He once succeeded, but became bored with the ensuing peace, and quit.

However, despite Dogbert's cynical exterior, he has been known to pull his master out of some tight jams.

Dogbert's nature as a pet was more emphasized during the earlier years of the strip; as the strip progressed, references to his acting like a dog became less common, although he still wags his tail when he perpetrates his scams.

He does not understand technical issues but always tries to disguise this, usually by using buzzwords he also does not understand.

He had a girlfriend named Liz for a little over two years, but she started dating other men, stating that she will still date Dilbert, but date other men at the same time.

The oblivious manager of Dilbert and the other engineers, and sometimes the main antagonist of the strip; his real name is never mentioned.

His level of intelligence varies from near-vegetative to perceptive and clever, depending on the strip's comic needs.

His utter lack of consistent business ethics, however, is perfectly consistent.

Asok is intensely intelligent but naive about corporate life; the shattering of his optimistic illusions becomes frequent comic fodder.

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