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From above: "many died in wars to give us the very freedom that allows Heart to play and sing whatever kind of music they want." No one died in Vietnam for "our freedom." More like, in Vietnam they died for our mistakes. Over the years they have gotten understandably tired of answering questions about so many of these things, so who could blame them for making up little stories along the way. Glad they left the country instead of ending up being drafted. Michael did play guitar for Heart for a short time, also bass. I think the most reliable source on this one, and most of their history, is in their autobiography Kicking and Dreaming.Now I cover Heart songs every chance I get..of REBELLION! The first time I heard this song was in 1984 (the year I discovered classic rock). That brilliant, intricate acoustic melody, followed by straight-ahead powerful electric power chords. I can remember when this song came out, and I tried playing it on my guitar.The drum roll just before the third chorus threw me for a loop the first couple of times I heard it; I kept thinking the song was already over and the radio station had started playing Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher"! I posted this under "Suffragette City" by David Bowie, but listen to the guitar riff of this and the Bowie song..are strangely similar, in my opinion! My mother was so upset about the song, she forbade me to play any Heart song on the guitar. I like the way they take no prisoner in their music!In my old school way of looking at things, you have to go with what the words say.

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If I remember correctly, she said she played an acoustic with really bad action and her fingers were all messed up and stuff like that.

But I've heard from friends that it was the male guitarist who played the intro.

Maybe she was talking about the wild strumming and not the intricate main intro.

Does anyone know the real facts, and has whoever did play that ever done anything comparable? Also are there any explanations why the didn't do it on "The Road Home"?

You'd think that a band who has one of the best acoustic guitar pieces in rock music might want to include it in their acoustic show."Ann and Nancy described the meaning of this song to be about ecology and the preservation of the earth, clean air and clean water." WHAAAT? This song is clearly about infatuation - probably sexual infatuation."They returned to Seattle when that was no longer a threat of them being called up in the draft.

The fact that the Wilson sisters fled with draft dodging band members to Canada kinda bugs me.

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