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As Snapchat has shown through its multiple hacking scandals, it's common for app makers to focus on wild growth to the detriment of users' security.

Meow Chat users might mostly be savvy teens, capable of telling the odd weirdo to shove off, but that doesn't mean the app shouldn't offer more security and better ways to weed out seedy come-ons.

After a while we got to know how to talk like they did and started “doing” things to other players – always without consent. Not for one second did we imagine that these weren’t teenage boys, or consider why the people behind the screens were asking to add us on MSN Messenger.

I only visited Habbo Hotel a couple of times on my own and somehow it just wasn’t as funny. It was a long time ago, she said, but if she had known what I was doing, naturally she would have banned me.

So anyway not entirely sure how it happened but I came across a website for men looking to meet women just for sex, out of curiosity i started chatting to quite a few on whatsapp and it's been a massive eye opener for me.Seven years ago I sat with my friend in her dining room meeting strangers on Habbo Hotel.We explored the rooms in the game, chatted with other players and had “avatar sex” with them – all this happened while her mum was in the next room, . Every time we logged on we experienced the rush of discovering something new about sex.It's so,upfront no strings sex and non of the men I've been chatting to have pretended it's any different which is refreshing as I've felt the dating websites the men on there are all after one thing but play a game of pretending of wanting more.So a lot of the talk is utter filth and I guess being the prude I am I've been a bit fascinated with it all, I've got to know (well a much as you can by just chat) one man and we have arranged to meet at a hotel in a week for some pretty kinky stuff!We knew we were being naughty and we knew that if our parents or other friends found out about it, it would be the end of our little secret.

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