Secret web chat

Blacklists are intended to be a way to avoid players you personally don't like playing with, not to be wielded as a weapon against players you can't control.Some players have blacklists in the hundreds and thats not what the feature was meant for - if there's a player breaking the rules, report them.

The liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it is too late.

Version 0.14.8 released 7-1-2018 All seasonal elo has been reset to 1600 and all seasonal winrates are 0-0.

Season 2 badges have been applied to the top ~75 players of season 2 by elo.

In this update, only the delete account action is new, and should work as expected. Version 0.14.2 released 5-22-2018 Thanks to contributor Idrissa, most common sounds have a sound effect associated with them. What is it/where is your winrate/why did your color change? Effectively an elo system is a point-based representation of your weighted skill based off of your teammates and your opponent's elo.

Soon I will be rolling out email-verified accounts. The easiest way to think of it is that, when you win a game, your elo will go up more if you are playing against high rated players (their collective average) than low rated players.

This is adjusted for the "normal" winrate of your team and the game size.

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