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In response to Russell's statement, 'Animal Kingdom' actor further proclaimed: Additionally, in a separate interview in 2014 with Chelsea Handler, Speedman first confessed about dating his costar Russell when asked about seeing the couple at a restaurant in the Palisades where Handler waited tables.

When Handler asked about seeing the pair in the restaurant early in the morning, he recalled the moment to explain: The ex-couple are now longtime pals, both cordial with each other in social events and even sharing their bygone relationship faux pas in interviews.

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and you weren’t there.” De Generes said she’d had suspicions this was happening at the time and the assistant responsible was fired a long time ago. “I did go in the kitchen,” he replied, “It had a nice backsplash there.” He then apologized to the TV host, to which she replied, “It’s not your fault. I’m glad you’re here.” Maybe next time she and wife Portia de Rossi host a soiree, Speedman will get a real invitation.

“We realized something was going on, but that’s so hilarious to hear the actual evidence of it,” she said, adding that she once was laying on her floor and found one of her assistant’s sunglasses under her bed.

They shopped the after-Christmas sales on Rodeo Drive and Reza picked up yet another pair of Gucci loafers at a good price.

There's the struggling singer who dreams of making it to the big time, a frustrated salesman who ends up on an unexpected road trip, the dysfunctional family performers which includes a con-artist and his long lost daughter, and an escaped convict with the voice of an angel.

All roads lead to Omaha, site of a national karaoke competition where this motley group of singers and stars come together for a blow-out sing-off. It was very funny, poignant, sweet and the cast of characters was perfect. I wasn't sure it was her, but today I read that she did it all.

The pair portrayed an onscreen couple for WB drama ‘Felicity’ which ran from 1998-2002, as it happens more often Reminiscing their relationship 20 years back in the interview with the host Jimmy Kimmel, both Russell and Speedman joked about their former romance.

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