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When I found myself single after 32 years of marriage, I vacillated between delight and despondency.After three years on my own, I tentatively approached online dating, and numerous coffee date debacles taught me a lot.Bluntness is considered rude, so remain polite at all times, and walking around with your hands in your pockets is also highly frowned upon.After dinner, tipping is customary - and not tipping could be seen as an indication that you’re unhappy with the food or the service.Dining etiquette is important in Luxembourg, and table manners are quite formal.While the dress code tends to be fairly casual, there are still various other ways you can offend your date.

Workers are attracted to Luxembourg by its lucrative status and highly regarded international corporations.

I’ve talked to lots of women over 60 and almost always the biggest fear they share with me is the thought of being alone forever.

In their mind, they’re not sure a man will want them at this age so when a good-looking man starts paying attention to them online, they feel special, desired and wanted.

But, when it comes to writing a dating profile after 60, we often find ourselves lost for words.

We may not even be able to describe the kind of man that we are looking for.

Online dating could be dangerous if you don’t know how to protect yourself.

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