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'Although you might be breaking Apple's terms and conditions and voiding your warranty, I just can't see how a judge would rule against it.'" While your jailbroken i Phone isn't going to blow up in your hand - or break the whole internet - it may not work exactly the way you'd like.

We cannot wholeheartedly recommend jailbreaking, and as a rule we wouldn't do it to our own phones.

It's easy to understand the jailbreakers' frustration.

On the Mac you can pretty much do whatever you want to customise your day-to-day experience with the hardware.

Apple Store employees will turn you away if you try to present such an i Phone to them as 1) jailbroken devices are in breach of the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that comes with i OS; 2) and you will have effectively voided your i Phone’s warranty by breaking the EULA.While you may be able to persuade them, things could get complicated if they're the ones who have to do the jailbreaking and/or fix any problems that may arise if something goes wrong.We're fairly confident that it is, but it's surprisingly murky territory, with a lack of test cases to establish the matter definitively one way or the other.Some jailbreak tweaks may feature backdoors that let hackers access your personal details.This is precisely what happened in August 2015, when it emerged that more than 225,000 jailbreakers’ i Cloud login information was stolen as a result of "built-in backdoors" in jailbreak tweaks.Read next: How to save SHSH blobs for an i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch What else should you consider?

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