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Although we a E knew him for a good and honest man, his goodness was nevertheless an endless surprise, so abundandy was it manifest.

To talk with Mm was what bathing in the Ganges must be for a Hindu.

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Jean Renoir spoke of the influence that Andre Bazin would un- doubtedly exercise in the years ahead.To dislike Kuro- sawa because one loves Mizoguchi is only the first step toward under- standing.Unquestionably anyone who prefers Kurosawa must be incurably blind but anyone who loves only Mizoguchi is one-eyed. es^fff selected and translated by HUGH GRAY VOi Uil E II ! The essays in this first English edition were selected by the translator, and are published by arrangement with Editions du Cerf, All rights reserved. VOL II by ANDRE BAZIN essays selected and translated by HUGH GRAY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley Los Angeles Londo Q UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley and Los Angeles, California UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, LTD, London, England Copyright © 1971 by The Regents of the University of California First printing, 1971 First Paperback Edition, 1972 ISBN: O-520-02255-6 Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 67-18899 The original edition from which this translation has been made was published in Paris by Editions du Cerf, under the tttie Qu-esi-ce que le Cinema?He loved the cinema, but still more he loved life, people, animals, the sciences, the arts; just before he died he planned to make a short film about the litde known romanesque churches of France.

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