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When they get caught, they’ll often claim to be “socially awkward” as a way of deflecting responsibility for their actions and – more importantly – putting pressure on their target to Someone who is socially awkward, on the other hand, is someone who has issues with basic social skills.They may have acute anxiety or nervousness in social settings.They may not be used to social norms, have a hard time keeping the conversation flowing naturally, or get nervous and say the wrong thing at the worst possible time.More often than not, someone who is socially awkward has poor social calibration; they may make people uncomfortable because their behavior feels it might be that they’re dangerous or there’s a hazard the rest of us haven’t noticed, but that “off” behavior is going to make us instinctively look for a threat.Now, often when dealing with stories about why this woman or the other didn’t “tell him no”, we will see people say that it’s impossible for a guy to realize he’s being refused because she didn’t say the magic words.In fact, returning to the story of Fedora Beard, we see this in the commentary on the blogs that reported the story – she didn’t say “go away”, therefore how could he have known he was unwelcome? This is creepy behavior being excused as “socially awkward”. Can you imagine why this argument isn’t going to go over well with women? He may have said things that are creepy, violated her personal space, followed her when she was trying to leave the conversation and otherwise ignored signs that she was uncomfortable…

It means she’s not allowed to trust her instincts and instead should either magically intuit somebody’s intentions or just let the crowd override her decisions.

The defendants faced all the nine charges listed below. Christopher Archer -- Guilty, 2d degree Bryant Grober -- Guilty, 3d degree Kevin Scherzer -- Guilty, 2d degree Kyle Scherzer -- Guilty, 2d degree 2.

Aggravated sexual assault (penetration of mentally defective person by bat, broom and/or stick).

with a very curt and less than friendly message wanting to know how he found her.

After three hours of no response he prods at her again, then yet again on 2/19.

The Awkward Excemption teaches other people to tolerate, even it because hey, “he means well.” It gives the creeper cover and allows him to continue being part of the community; he’s not “Johnny the creepy predator”, he’s “Johnny the decent guy, a little weird sometimes but harmless.” It turns him from being a potential threat to a missing stair problem – something everyone knows about and dismisses, .

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