Resident validating data entry form

Though names and street addresses can have many variations, a single input field for each of them that provides an adequate amount of room for longer answers is usually all that’s necessary. There is also a slew of postal code format variations across countries, including the use of spaces, numeric or alphabetic characters, and various lengths.The order of these elements also varies quite drastically.There is now a single filing address for this form. You must mail your Form N-470 application to the USCIS Lockbox at the address below to avoid processing delays. You may pay the fee with a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check.

In most countries, the destination, or recipient, in an address structure progresses from most to least specific—Russia and Iran are notable exceptions.

This common understanding is so definitive that eyetracking data suggests, once people begin filling in a set of input fields that make up an address, they often cease looking at their labels.

The basic structure of an address is so familiar, people don’t need the guidance labels provide.

Figure 4 shows a few of the possible variations in the city line of an address block.

The specific format approach works best when you know or can confidently infer a customer’s country.

This line structure is a pretty reliable baseline for all international addresses.

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