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Much of the problem, Facebook says, is due to Android’s rigid policy on permissions.Facebook says it doesn’t get to write its own, and instead must use generic language provided to them by Android.It absolutely CANNOT do these things without YOU initiating them!

A 2008 study found (as summarized by techdirt) that it would take the average person about a month of working time out of each year to just “read all the privacy policies you encounter on a daily basis” (exclusive of Terms of Service): [A] report notes that if you actually bothered to read all the privacy policies you encounter on a daily basis, it would take you 250 working hours per year — or about 30 workdays. Mc Donald and Lorrie Faith Cranor is quite interesting.

Messenger needs access to your camera, for instance, so that you can send pictures, and few people would want to confirm microphone access every time they use the app to place a call.

These kinds of sweeping permissions are also extremely common — probably to a degree you don’t realize.

But advertisers want to be able target and personalize their ads to specific groups of viewers, and that targeting requires knowledge of information about users such as their geographic locations, age, browsing habits, and the like.

Providing this information is the trade-off we engage in as “payment” for the acquisition and use of free apps.

I’ve posted, word for word, a few of the most aggressive app permission you’ve accepted.

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