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I believe that every individual has gone through different paths.

Therefore, by understanding each client's background and experience, I provide effective individualized treatment to work with my clients towards increasing self-awareness, insight, and improving your quality of life.

It is in these moments that having a supportive presence and outside feedback can make all the difference.

I believe in the power of being listened to and understood and from that safe, non-judgmental space, we can start to explore your emotions and reactions to your situation as well as find ways to move forward through the struggles.""All of us, at times encounter challenging life situations, life transitions and/or relationship difficulties.

I collaboratively work with clients who are struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, Autism and ADHD to reduce my clients' suffering.

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Feeling overcome by loss, anxiety, emotional distress or sadness can leave us feeling distressed, confused and alone.

Some people, for example, are having difficulty in a romantic relationship and wonder how to improve the relationship, or end it.

Other people experience conflict or anxiety in a wide range of interpersonal relationships and enter therapy as a means of improving their communication skills and the quality of their relationships.

In my practice, I offer not only counselling, but also I incorporate Mindfulness approaches.""Are you struggling with ongoing difficulties or challenges that are negatively affecting your quality of life?

As a psychologist, for over 20 years, I've assisted people from all walks of life, who've been faced with overcoming emotional challenges, disappointments, and often tragic, experiences.

Through psychotherapy, we can work together to steer your life in more positive directions, promoting fulfillment and more satisfaction.

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