Policy and procedures importance of updating


If you determine that a procedure will be developed be sure to include a statement that it is intended as a guide only.Some legislation specifically requires procedures be developed so be aware of the legislative requirements that govern your organization.Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley - Human Resources Policies Some excellent policies and procedures clearly presented for an organization of approximately 50 employees.County of Renfrew - Corporate Policies An alphabetized list of policies adopted by County Council.

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Be sure to review relevant federal and provincial employment legislation to understand the policies that are required for compliance in your jurisdiction.

A policy is a formal statement of a principle or rule that members of an organization must follow.

Each policy addresses an issue important to the organization's mission or operations.

Statement The statement is the actual rule or standard the policy needs to communicate.

Responsibilities Outline the responsibilities of the board, management and staff in regards to the policy as well as who is responsible for developing, maintaining, monitoring and implementing the policy.

If the terms are included in legislation that underpin the policy be sure to use the definitions from the legislation (e.g., disability, prohibited grounds, discrimination, harassment, workplace violence).

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