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If Imperial Jetbikes are involved, I will sell every organ the black market has a use for. Meanwhile, I find it pretty hard to get excited about this.

If we're looking at Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons models, or (Emperor help us) Custodes models, I think I may have to mortgage my kidneys. Heh, in Australia Forge World is starting to become the cheaper option.

The Contemptor Dread and the mini-contemptor Terminators are not my type of cool. Well, by the 41st millenium there might be, but this is when the Imperium was still relatively sane. The in-game Imperial manufacturers don't have access to GW's design documents.

That my chapter are of a much later founding doesn't help either. There's not some Imperial Art Director going around telling everyone that casting metal in curved shapes is heretical.

This would explain the various retro kits they've been bringing out (well more than just nostalgia :) ) I wonder if they'll do a stormbird (I get the impression that it's a bigger ship than the thunderhawk - but considering they did that Tau manta (? The official marine baneblade variant is more appealing than the standard plastic kit variant; I quite like the re-invisaging of the dome turret predator.

When I clicked on this thread all I could see was "Forgeworld to produce Horus..." I am vaguely disappointed.

Anyone reckon we'll get the two lost legions in this or is that already done or never going to be done? If we accept the Horus Herey books from Black Library as canon, whatever happened to those two Legions happened before the Heresy. Frankly, it isn't worth buying a several-hundred dollar army and spending a huge amount of time painting just so I can say "These guys don't have bikes, they have jetbikes. The prices for the books in US dollars is outrageous but I'll buy it anyway. like the direction this takes Forgeworld into, exploring other settings/time-periods for the wargames. ) But honestly, this looks like something to get really excited about if you play a First Founding SM/CSM army. And who knows, maybe they'll do some Imperial Army too. Technically, First Founding Chapters are entirely separate entities from Legions, after all, and the Traitor Legions often undergo incredible reversals and twists that still form an coherent thematic link to their "future."I don't think that's true.

And their helmets are shaped a bit differently." I don't know - I admit up front that I have really low sales resistance to wargame stuff and lord knows I have more than enough projects underway; one more project wouldn't make a difference. I should be all over this, but for some reason it is missing me. It's at times like this that I'm glad I don't play any warhammer miniatures game, I only play the RPG's and read the novels. I have zero interest in plague marines, but I think collecting a Heresy-era Death Guard would be interesting. Not that I will be, because money, but it's not for lack of interest.

I have no problem with that, and I realize others will be very excited about this - but it's very limited niche, especially if you're not and have no wish to be a First Founding legion collector. As soon as I can get this first freaking squad cleaned and assembled, the paint method should (in theory) go pretty quick. I plan to use the plastic vehicles for whatever PH army I settle one.Yes, but my in-progress power armor armies are Crimson Fists and Sons of Malice. I'm withholding judgement, but right now my excitement for this is starting to really wane. It is possible (albeit perhaps a bit unlikely) that we could see Special Characters who bear the eventual fate to found Chapters like that.While nice for those with a First Founding army or interested in starting one, there's not much here for xenos or later-founding/renegade players. I don't know if there's anyone named as a Crimson Fist from that era, but I would not be at all surprised to see stuff on Sigismund of the future Black Templars somewhere.Still cool news though, even if I won't be buying a forgeworld army.I'd say they cost an arm and a leg, but that's probably on the cheap side.Like the Time of Three Emperors for WHFB."It's at times like this that I'm glad I don't play any warhammer miniatures game, I only play the RPG's and read the novels. I tried to make a So M army years ago, but couldn't get results I was happy with. I will admit, I would much rather see my jetbikes done in the crazy gothic style of later Imperial craftsmanship that make the one for the Dark Angels resemble an Imperial Cruiser from BFG. That kind of heavily rounded structure screams "Tau" to me, and they don't even have gunpowder during the Heresy, much tanks.

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