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There are opportunties to view them close up on the Maid of the Mist as well as breakfast overlooking the falls.The casino and nightlife provide an exciting evening when you've had your fill of the view.Visiting Niagara is a great idea for a couple's weekend getaway.The Falls are beautiful and an intense live experience to view.I did that for a about a minute, letting more of his pre-cum drizzle down his head and down the shaft.As it starting oozing all over my hand that was all the incentive I needed to turn my attention back to his cock.If you are looking for a date, please try Niagara Falls Dating site.

His name, well let's just call him DJ, for anonymity's sake. We chatted for about a half an hour, asking about what we wanted to do with each other, talking about sucking on each other's cocks, and if we had sex he put dibs on bottoming; but we agreed that we wanted to meet for some fun, so I invited him to my hotel and he agreed to meet me outside.

I laid there, breathless, on the bed for a few minutes while we both collected our thoughts on the what had just taken place, and we talked for a few minutes before he slowly started to put his clothes back on and left my hotel room.

Then a couple nights later, I met Alan, on Grindr...

He sucked my cock for a few more minutes, gently moving up and down my shaft making me moan so loud I could have sworn the adjacent rooms heard me, before finally I cried out that I was about to cum.

Dj then moved up my body, kissing and sucking as he came up, letting me jack myself off to orgasm, shooting strand after strand of hot, white cum on my chest and all over the comforter on the bed.

This past summer, I was sent to Niagara Falls, ON, on business and was put up in hotel for two weeks.

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