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Players will be able to take Princess Toadstool on a date to a local diner or going bar hopping with Bowser. Industry Analyst Mi­chael Pachter is cited as saying, “Nintendo has truly found their niche with this.

Die Hard Trilogy (1998) by Fox Interactive was met with critical acclaim at the time of its release, and the section of the game based around the first Die Hard film in the trilogy was another early take on a 3D third person shooter.

Syphon Filter (1999) by Eidetic (now SCE Bend Studio) combined the perspective of Tomb Raider with action elements of games such as Golden Eye 007 (1997) and Metal Gear Solid (1998).

Mega Man Legends (1997) by Capcom is another early 3D third person shooter which took a different approach to the genre, mixing this with a role-playing game influence.

Around the same time, Deathtrap Dungeon (1998) by Eidos Interactive and Medi Evil (1998) by SCE Cambridge Studio (then Millennium Interactive) were some of the first 3D games in the genre to include third person shooter influences in a fantasy setting, with fictional or alternative weapons achieving the same effect as a gun for the player.

right in front of me……) The same classroom, the same recess time.

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