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Sources for notated versions: Texas swing fiddler Junior Daugherty (Texas) [Christeson]; Dale Potter [Phillips]; Roger Cooper [Silberberg].

The melody feature pizzicato E notes in both parts.

Dunlay and Reich (Traditional Celtic Fiddle Music of Cape Breton), 1986; pg.

Source for notated version: Mary (Beaton) Mac Donald (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) [Dunlay and Reich]. From the area of Headington in England's Cotswolds.

See also note for Bryan OLynn for a similar dance in Irish tradition.

AKA ‑ "Bean Setters." English, Morris Dance Tune (6/8 time).

They walked up to the coffin, produced their instruments, and proceeded to play the reel now known as The Woman of the House enough times through so that the musicians in attendance could pick it up, then they walked over to the fireplace and were whisked up the chimney, never to be seen again.

Toward dawn the lid was placed on her coffin and at that instant the door flew open and two fairy fiddlers came in to pay their respects.

Source for notated version: piper Maitiu Mac Tighearnain/Mathew Mac Tiernan (Ireland) [Breathnach].

AKA and see The Maiden, Moll Dubh a' Gleanna, The Dark Maiden of the Valley Irish, Slow Air (3/4 time). Canainn (Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland), 1995; No.

There are some interesting directions for yells and laughing in this obscure variation of the well‑known "Sally Goodin,'" though musically it lacks the melodic content of other versions.

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