Lycos adult chat room Freefucking dating


Online chat rooms are also great for finding likeminded people.

Sort of like having a chat with someone on the phone, or in real life.

The site monitor everything you do and nothing is safe on there where it comes to your personal details. Guess they like to pick on anyone who don't fit in…

The moderators are able to access your own personal information and non of them are… Read Full Review Written on: 20/01/2018 I was banned for being 'Double logged' when my partner was on a separate device.

The men are mainly awful ( there are a few nice normal guys on there) but in the main they demand and expect you to help them get off, they don't seem to realise that is not what some of us are on there for. Read Full Review I used this site on and off for some time now and this site is potentially dangerous and misleading.

They supply adverts which claim could harm your pc. The moderators I think are very rude and most of the other people on there. They have this room where you are first put into and all you see people with anchors, I think they are moderators just saying hi such and such and hello such and such. Read Full Review lycos chat is a chat room that is full of gangs and bullys and the navigators are no better if anyone ever conciders going on that site expect too get hassle grieve and plenty of perveted private messages it like a flock full of sheep and idiots who do as told by other chatters stay well clear of lycos chat the worlds worst chat site ever…

Write them a personal message complimenting something in their profile, or start chatting to them in a chat room. What’s more is that a bad kiss can ruin your chances of dating your kissing partner long-term…. It sucks being caught out on Valentine’s Day, single as can be. Is she the woman with whom you want to build a life?They accused me of 'colluding' with him and every time I tried explaining the situation I was called a 'smart a' and threatened.I got banned because I refused to log out after being accused for a good 15 minutes of being my partner.certain high up navigators think they above the law and can do what they like because there is nobody higher than them to complain to… I thought it would be a nice chat site, lets face it there are not many left online these days.The Navigators (mods) are nice but a lot of the time they chat between themselves and new people don't feel welcome or permitted to join in the chat, if you do your ignored.This site is full of moderators who act like the police, It is more strict than facebook.

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