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https:// I didn't get a lot of attention on this previous post but I got some valuable advice and figured I should post an update.

John got back from his vacation mid June and I didn't bring anything up right away since I didn't want to start charging in with relationship questions after his adventure, and honestly I was enjoying being with him and didn't want to ruin the moment with potential breaking up.

" I ran the fuck after her but it was too late she was running in between people through the crowd yelling "TITTIES! Beyond embarrassing, mortifying as I said in the title. Everyone was staring as I literally chased my drunken wife around the campground with her boobs flopping everywhere until she tripped and fell. Right now she's passed out in bed but I want to talk to her tomorrow.

I sure hope she remembers what happened, she could have been blacked out, I don't know.

On top of staying calm what else can I do to talk about this without making her get defensive?

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tl;dr: Went to a party where my wife had too much to drink, ended up running around with her shirt nearly off screaming about her boobs, in front of our friends and a bunch of people we don't know.

I know that people said in the previous post that if you're unsure if you're in love, you're not in love.

But I think it depends on the individual, the relationship, etc. I can see in his actions every day that he really, truly, cares about me and my well being.

Soon there were maybe 30 people, this was at a state campground site. She thought I just needed to lighten up and have fun. She was wearing a tank top and pulled it down so that her boobs were popping out almost out of her bra. " as she grabbed an empty aluminum tray from the burgers. It's not THAT out of the ordinary for her, though she hasn't had an incident like this in a few years. The more I think about it, I'm worried I'll be totally ashamed to be around her in public now.

She began to try to come on to me, trying to rub my crotch and lifting her shirt up, I'm in a panic to make sure she stops before someone looks over. Before I knew it she went back toward everyone else, saying, "Look what my husband just passed up!! She poured some guy's beer over her chest and yelled "wet Tshirt contest! I also remember her asking a mutual friend if he wanted a tittyfuck! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EMBARRASSED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I saw some phones out, for all I know we're a viral laughingstock on the internet now. The next thing I did was mass text all our friends who were there apologizing sincerely for her behavior. I'll constantly have it in the back of my mind that she could be just a couple drinks away from becoming an x-rated circus clown.

Chances are, it'll come with behavior dilemmas and relationship problems, too.

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