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22 Expressions Expressions 23 An aerial view of the WSU campus might cause the viewer to take a quick second glance and ask, “Was that a campus back there or an anthill just poked with a stick? 16, 693 24 Expressions spa £ Metro Pullman: An Overcrowded Wheat Field Too many people are cram¬ med into too small of an area (dorms, classrooms, the CUB at noon) and slow-moving lines wear even the most patient per¬ son’s patience. HI Pullman, Bldg Th David Hicks-Bremerton, Bldg Th Agricultural Engineering and Architecture Building Theory 134 College of Engineering Chemical Engineering Bernard Kwong-Fai Au Pullman, Chein Engr lay Backus Kent, Chcm Engr Barbara Lee Breithaupt Puyallup, Chcm Engr Pradeep Jain Pullman, Chcm Engr Raymond Mc Craw Camas, Chem Efigr David John Pigion Spokane, Chem Engr Bob Rieck Richland, Chem Engr Mung-Lin Simon Tan Pullman, Chem Engr Sharyn Camnela Veitcnheimer Qrlbcrt, Chem Engr Kent Lloyd Wedmeyer Pullman, Chem Engr 1 Civil Engineering Pullman. Row One: Becky Flechsig, Katie Bowling, Rita Reed, Vicky Miller, Margie Beinis, Gretchen Vannatter, Joan Vendramin, Roberta Knutson, Linda Long, Shawn Newell.

” Yes, the problem of overcrowding has struck one of the most unexpected places in the state—the sprawling Palouse; or to be more specific, one particular hill on the Palouse with WSU resting upon it. Shortage of park¬ ing tends to be aggravating, but may be a good lesson for those who should be walking to cam¬ pus in the first place. Civ Engr Walter Bennett Bellevue, Civ Engr Steven P. Row Two: Kathy Mc Cullough, Cathy Cervi, Josette Yolo, Ann Jacobson, Julie Orr, Lisa Myers, Shawn Neeley, Kitty Whitcomb, Julie Gramm.

No break-ins were uncovered and wire-tapping was appar¬ ently non existent—although the Ufkes/ King ticket was charged with littering. Howard Revenig Ronn Rohe Mark Ross David Salee Michael Santiago Bryon Sanford Thomas Schwartz Stan Scott Richard Sherman Alan Shipman Barney Shiroma Jim Simck Terry Snvder James Staley J.But the pace of life here is as hectic and quick-moving as any large city, and the problems growth brings are here also. What would a party or Boyer Park be without wall- to-wall people? Civ Engr Gregary Brian Heath Puyallup, Civ Engr Rick Jones Mt. Mac Combie Pullman, Civ Engr David Leslie Miller Pullman. Fite, Elaine Gower, Diane Thomas, Sue Scharhorst, Jan Clark, Debbie Atkins Tammy Nelson. Row One: Kris Carroll, Sue Carter, Rhonda Sample, Teresa Green, Karen Bakken, Laura Kornell, Robin Mc Gee, Sue Zappone.Crowds at football and basketball games are obviously essential. Row Two: Sal¬ ley Stevens, Gail Paysse, Catherine Burns, Janice Weigand, V. Bidley, Shari Nal- ley, Marilyn Perry, Mindy Sue Fischer, Kathie Meyer, Dinah Aldrich, Kathy Jes- semey.“In a top secret cabinet meeting this month, the governor announced that the time had come to do something about the weather. Hobbs, should you decide to accept it, is to make it rain in Washington state. Row One: Bruce Cook, Glenn Nakasaki, Bob Anderson, Kevin Summers, Marty Hanson, Joe Hentges, Dave Larkey, Phil Schroeder, Jim Orten- gren, Tsutomu Ezura.“The governor has made arrangements to ap¬ propriate 5,000 for a cloud seeding project.” “Of course, you will be paid, regardless of the outcome of the project. Row Two: Clay Wyant, Russ Mc Rae, Darrell Wilcox, Jeff (ohnson, Kurt Snyder, Doug Woodruff, Mike Bruce, Steve Geppert, Rob Rob- dlard.Good luck.” “This tape will soon dry up and blow away.” Stephen Woodruff © in Weather— A Dry Situation 10 Expressions It took extensive media coverage and the dust in our throats to convince many WSU’ers that the drought was real. Row Three: Doug Anderson, Ted Benoit, Bill Shadel, Steve Lodge, Brian Warden, John Lund, Richard Grillo, Kevin Girard, “Bobo” Brayton, Steve Bran¬ non, Brad Watkins, John Murainatsu, Andy Burt, Gene Estabrook.

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