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Dad was a founding member of the Nairn Pipeband, and later the Co-founded the Glenrothes Pipeband.

Sadly it was the chap in the bunk above him who had taken his own life. He was captured by German forces while defending Poland on March 17, 1939. Joe passed away in 1996 and never really talked about his experience.If anyone has any information on the Middlesex Regiment we would love to hear from you as we are trying to find as much information as possible.Thanks for taking the time to read this My granddad, Bill Mead, is a veteran of WW2 and I am currently trying to find anyone who remembers him or has any photos that may be of interest to him.Dad did attempt escape twice, once in Holland on the long march to Germany, and I believe the other time was when he was at Stalag XXA (Fort 13). It was hard to get him to talk about his experiences.As a child, I can vividly remember him waking up screaming as a result of the nightmares (right up until the early 60's).From there he went by train via Bocholt to Thorn over 4 days, 70 men to a cattle truck.

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