Is dtrix still dating lauren


We talk out everything." That should really resonate with Rudy as Jacque continues on the show.And if you don't believe how amazing this couple is together, just check out how t Witch proposed to Allison.Jacque and Rudy could take another page out of Lauren and D-Trix's book and start a Tumblr to document their love — something that Lauren did.

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They both lost to krumper Russell Ferguson, but hey, when you got love like theirs, who needs to be voted America's favorite dancer?

While Rudy was crying after being voted off, Jacque didn't even embrace him before getting off the stage and smiling at her own fortune for getting to dance another week. Could the relationship that Cat Deeley swears is real still be going now that Rudy is off to the real world?

Since then, we've obsessed over Rudy and Jacque's social media interactions (What does that cheeky caption mean? We can't be sure until one of these kids just spills the beans already, but if these two are together and really want to make their relationship work, they might want to look to the past first.

She was on Season 2 and he was on Season 4, and later, Allison and t Witch got married in December 2013, per Us Weekly.

They both know how important it is to be open with your partner, as Allison told Dance Spirit magazine, "There might be moments of jealousy, like, 'You’re working on that project or with that person, and I really wanted to do that.' The best thing to do is communicate.

Well, this tip won't actually work for young loves Jacque and Rudy.

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