Intimidating colours


It is said to create the sensation of trust and security.Lighter blues are calming while darker blues denote professionalism and sincerity.Many of these responses are influenced by location, so remember that everything in this article is based on findings within North America, the UK, Western Europe and Australia.

Wishpond uses a strong orange background with white text in the Facebook Ad below.

Color Psychology is the exploration of the impact of color on perceptions, reactions, and emotions.

In advertising and marketing terms, it’s used strategically to increase interaction, elicit a desired reaction, and create a specific feeling related to your brand or product.

Perfect Audience.comuses a pale green in their Facebook Ad below.

How you can use it: Black is associated with mourning in the western world while white (the color of bones) is the color of death in many Eastern countries, and black (the color of soil) signifies life.

This works very well to draw the eye to the ad, and the green ebook image really stands out (see Contrast below).

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