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Give your boring old furniture some custom style and learn how to add legs to furniture easily! All of which reflect my own point of view, regardless of affiliation! Here's what they looked like: (Only picture them as unfinished wood and unpainted.) If you turned this post around 180 degrees so that the screw points down, you visualize that's the part that would screw into the top of a regular fence post. When we flipped the dresser onto its back so the underneath was exposed we discovered that there wasn't a structure to securely attach our new legs to. To create supports for the legs to attach to, we cut and added 4" x 4" blocks of wood and secured them into place through the outside of the dresser by insetting the screws.Attaching feet to your furniture is a great way to update your furniture and give it high end style without breaking the bank! This post may contain affiliate links to products I love and use everyday. We chose 4" blocks because that measurement made the block flush with the bottom of our dresser. Do you see how we inset the screw holes on the side when we attached the wood blocks?

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;) But, paint them AFTER you've completed this next step. With just a few fence post tops and some paint, the Andi Dresser was transformed into something beautiful, elegant and stately!

Last week I shared my freshly painted kitchen cabinets.

They’ve been nice and white for a few weeks now and I am still blown away with how much brighter and more up to date the whole room looks.

We measured where the fence post would sit on the wood block and where the holes for the screws should be drilled. As you read, you'll discover that I had a paint color change and pre-painting these legs was pointless!

Once the holes were drilled, we applied to the wood block and screwed in the fence post top carefully matching up the edges so that they were flush with the sides. Totally up to you, but I think pre-painting the legs is the way to go!

There's no sense in covering up your lovely paint job with wood filler. She has lovely height, new legs and amazing details that pop!

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