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Most of my early online dating attempts failed due to my insecurities and neediness.Although I had a couple of short-lived relationships when I was approaching twenty-five, both also didn´t work out.How I Met My Husband in Social Networking Site But I didn´t let fate determine my future, I took it upon myself to find my true love while I trusted that God would guide and lead me towards that He had prepared for me. For so long I had a very low opinion of myself in terms of my looks. If I met a man online I would say, “I´m not much to look at but I´m a very honest, loving kind of person, hard-working and an achiever.” I tended to put myself down first before the other person could — as a self-defense — and yet deep down, I was hoping that the guy would reverse my statement and say, “of course you look good! Most of the time, I did get what I wanted to hear, the guy would tell me, “please don´t be harsh on yourself, you´re pretty.” But I already came off as an insecure lady and guys don´t like that.Several people around me had told me — directly or indirectly — that I would never have a boyfriend because I wasn´t attractive. The moment I realized this serious mistake, I started evaluating myself through a whole new lens. The next time I met potential mates, I naturally exuded confidence because I already knew that I´m beautiful. In dating, you need to learn the art of conversation. In a German TV show, Catch the Millionaire, there´s this cute sweet lady whom the real millionaire was attracted to.During our visit in Thailand for a three-week-summer-vacation, I met up with my friend Annie. Annie told me that she´s so envious of me because I found the man of my dreams, got to share my life with him and travel the world with him.She´s sad because according to her, she´s not as lucky.

I knew that if I wanted to get something, I could get it if I put on the work necessary to have it and if it is meant for me.

Everything that I learned from reading and researching positively improved my skills in dating.

During my early twenties, living and working abroad; alone and far from my family, I became lonely.

See: How to Be Happy Alone: 9 Ways to Be Happy While Waiting for Your Soul Mate Be open to potential dates and keep searching.

If you´re in your late twenties and thirties, make finding love a priority.

*** If you want to get a man´s attention and make him pursue you, learn how to conquer love by playing hard to get.

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