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This seems remarkable for an advanced e-commerce market as the Netherlands.It seems that Dutch consumers want to be in control in communication (by means of and filling out contact forms) rather than receiving information (newsletters and alerts) or entering in an interaction (telephone, chat, Skype, discussion forums, social media).Vendor conclusions From the questionnaire an image arises of Dutch e-commerce vendors who are confident about their e- Commerce abilities, skills and understanding.Although a large percentage of them already sells crossborder, they do not think that Multicultural or global support options for their e-commerce systems are important.Although these vendors are professionals the vast majority uses the Internet or their friends as a source of information on e-commerce.

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Pricing is important a majority would even buy from subpar cross-border e-commerce vendors if the pricing is lower but sales and sales alerts are not seen as important. 2.0 and 3.0 instruments customer reviews, presence on social media, presence on price comparison services, personalized recommendations, discussion forums and personal wish lists are not so important for the respondents.

Circulation List Person Name Gianluca Coppola Christos Anthis Onno Hansen Kenny Payne Robert Sanders Małgorzata Mikłosz Dimitris Diamantis Organization Name Eurocrea Merchant Crystal Clear Soft OHENNENNOH BV OAKE Associates European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) DANMAR COMPUTERS FAVINOM Consultancies Revision History Version Date Author Description Action Pages 1.0NL 22/07/2013 Onno Hansen Creation of the document C 50 (*) Action: C = Creation, I = Insert, U = Update, R = Replace, D = Delete Referenced Documents ID Reference Title LLP-2012-GR-Leonardo-LMP Proposal LLP-2012-GR-Leonardo-LMP Evaluation Comments Applicable Documents ID Reference Title 1 FAVINOM Consultancies QMS Quality Management Procedures D2.1 Country Reports Page: 2 of 50 Executive Summary This document forms the Country Report for the Implementation of the Project (henceforth, Project ).

Whereas it is assumed that Southern Europe SMEs lack the needed knowledge to take advantage of the e- Commerce potential resulting in Southern Europe lagging within the e-business area, it also is assumed that Northern European SMEs like in the Netherlands possess an advanced knowledge on e-commerce and therefore lead in e-business.

The present document contains information and conclusions regarding the state of play of SME e- Commerce culture in the Netherlands.

It concerns both vendors and general public as stakeholders and the knowledge of and experience with e-commerce in general and of cross-border e-commerce in particular.

It also seems that Dutch vendors could use more sales-oriented e-commerce backing.

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