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Lives can be saved from cancer, primarily through better awareness of the signs and symptoms and earlier diagnosis of cancer.

This is made even more important by the fact that the burden of cancer is increasing dramatically: it is expected that there will be 100,000 more cases per year over the next 15 years in the UK. Premature deaths from cancer Early death from cancer in Middlesbrough remains significantly higher than the England average.

Ensuring patients are referred quickly to specialist services by GPs and improving access to diagnostics can reduce cancer mortality. 2012/02 Tackle lifestyle risk factors by using interventions that reduce smoking and alcohol consumption, increase fruit and vegetable consumption, reduce obesity and encourage physical activity. Achieving adequate levels of uptake in cancer screening requires a variety of approaches that need to be shaped by the characteristics of both the screening programme and the target population.

Currently, about 1.8 million people are living with cancer. The earlier a cancer can be diagnosed the greater the prospect of survival.Early diagnosis requires that individuals are aware of the symptoms of early cancer, that they have access to primary care professionals and seek advice from them if symptoms occur, that these symptoms are then identified as potential symptoms of cancer, and finally that appropriate investigations and referrals are initiated. Important to improving early diagnosis is to have better information on the stage of cancer at diagnosis.It is therefore important that we have systems and processes in place that can help obtaining more accurate and complete information on cancer staging. The needs of people with cancer needs to be identified and met so they feel well supported and informed, able to manage the effects of cancer treatment and the impact on everyday life.It will take time to bring about significant change in behaviour.2012/01 Reduce premature deaths from cancer through improved cancer prevention, early detection and prompt, effective treatment and care.More than one in three people in England will develop cancer at some stage in their lives and one in four will die from it.

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