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Instant messaging on apps have become a way of life for most of us, as it provides immediate time and access to people we want to talk to, no matter where they are in the world.While other messaging services like Whats App and Viber offer voice and video call functionalities, which sometimes don’t work well, SOMA Messenger’s globally dispersed servers, make it more reliable, more stable and more secure.The continued growth of apps like SOMA Messenger, Whats App and the likes only prove that the messenger app market is not slowing down but in fact, gaining traction around the world.Not only that, but it is continuing to innovate and add more services to meet user needs.Police in Riyadh detained Abu Sin on Sunday while he was driving with two friends, with the arrest accidentally broadcast live on You Now as he chatted with another user from Kuwait.

Guo added, “With the messenger app market continuing to grow around the world, we’re still in the very early stages of experiencing what messenger apps have to offer.Dozens of human rights defenders and activists are serving long prison sentences for criticizing authorities or advocating political and rights reforms.Authorities systematically discriminate against women and religious minorities.To ensure maximum privacy, messages and calls are encrypted using the most secure encryption used by government agencies and entities.“It has been really gratifying to see the way that SOMA Messenger has been embraced in Saudi Arabia and across the world.One new app SOMA gaining incredible traction for instant messaging and other functions not previously available, was launched last week and is being downloaded rapidly in Saudi Arabia.

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