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Candidates from Winnipeg South and Winnipeg South Centre attempted to woo members of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Candidates from all the parties spent their afternoon at a "speed-dating" event sponsored by the Chamber.

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Garnier jury continues deliberations Air Date: Gemma Atkinson is left bedridden by the flu Epsom salt soothes muscles and also helps restore magnesium and sulfate in the body.Family fill entire room In four races the duo earned silver, bronze and two 5th-place finishes.While they had been professional in their interaction as teammates, they had put walls in place when it came to their relationship.The Winnipeg South resident questioned her riding's candidates about what they will do for low-income citizens.Here’s what they had to say: Gordon Giesbrecht, Conservative, Winnipeg South:"The universal child care benefit is money given to everyone and that is a progressive benefit, because low-income families have a very low percentage they have pay in income tax.At Vancouver they had been the first Canadian women to win Olympic bobsleigh gold, finishing first in each of the four heats while breaking the start record twice and the track record three times.

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