Firefox keeps updating Webcam granny girl 2014


I found that opening the links in a new tab works, but you have to rename the file after it downloads. but sometimes I cannot see the links (next to the vdos).. Is it possible to add MP3 an an option for people who want to download the audio only? Hmm, where do I get the newest release 1.4 with the fixed download for files with invalid characters? Thank you for this great tool, it is one of my favorite tools on my computer and I could not imagine any more without it...

It's a bit inconvenient so it would be nice if the problem could be fixed. either it takes time to load ..(more time than the vdo itself) or it does not load at all.. BTW, is there any chance you will make the tool capable of downloading multiple videos, e.g.

So here i'm not understandig if the downloaded video (as "MP4") is different from the HQ displayed on the youtube box or if the youtube player includes some powerful anti-aliasing function in itself. Hello Admin, Are there any plans to add a function in your application to clean up Youtube names from invalid characters so they would also be able to download? This feature is already available in latest version 1.7 pending Mozilla approval to go public, you can upgrade right now using this link : Seriously, I don't know what the deal is.."buttons" are there, you can click on them, but NOTHING happens. Hi there, i tried downloading certain videos by clicking on the MP4 but its not appearing in my download manager. & transfer those videos to my PSP but when I try to play in my PSP it says data not supported. Nothing happens when I click to download from Youtube as MP4 (or anything else). One set works when I try to download it, the other fails, any idea why? became an awesome alternative along with his better features eg.: same file name, multiple simultaneous downloads... [Sorry my bad english, I'm brazilian.] I have bothered to develop this and keep this updated without getting paid for, v 1.8 is working fine with HD and here is the proof : yourself after updating to v 1.8 -

And, in that last case, how can that function be enabled outside youtube? That would be a quick thing to add and improve your application... When I tried to uninstall Easy, it continues to show "This add-on will uninstall when Firefox is restarted". Both were tried using the MP4 file format since I want to throw it onto an ipod and both work when fmt=18 is added to the options Video that works fine with downloader: But I've noticed a few days back that the option HD [code 22] is not appearing anymore. v=ZF8r CCUKPKQ&feature=popt1cus00 Don't worry, this is very useful to most of us, including me. So there may be a load balancing policy in Youtube that limits the availability for ALL High Def videos.

Try this: - In firefox, click the FLV download link - It will start downloading, but the file will not actually contain any data - In the download window pane, right-click, select "copy download link" - Paste this link into a new browser window and you can download and rename the file Ciaran Hi, I'm having a problem here: there's this HQ video

v=t CVqx2b-c7U&feature=channel# but the download options are only FLV 3GP MP4 the HD option doesn't appear..

Thanks Is there a way to download the subtitle/ caption file in some youtube videos? v=jqx ENMKae CU but they don't show in the downloaded files. By using a "trim" function you could clean up the name from any invalid characters and thus make them downloadable, too... The only problem is its incompatability with Flashblock. as far as i can tell, right clicking flv, 3gp, mp4, copying the source url and opening it in a different tab works; and as long as you have a folder set as a save as destination it shud work..gotta rename!Download from addon page at Mozilla i completely agree with you.3.6 add on for the easy youtube downloader just won't work?? I checked it, and created the missing folder and subfolder again ... This Is a great addon, but ever since upgrading to 1.2, I can no longer see the Download links with the flashblock addon enabled using firefox 3.0.10 on a windows xp pro desktop.i keep trying everything i been uninstalling it then putting it back then changing it..nothing will work!! It would be nice if you could fix it so that it works correctly with flashblock again.from a youtube playlist or favorites or just all videos that are linked from a certain page? I have the full K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installed, yet when I download a MP4 file (using the text links to the right) it wont play on WMPC or any other player I have. I have other MP4 files downloaded from elsewhere (not using the addon) and those play fine...Oye no se si se han dado cuenta, pero al querer descargar como o .mp4 me marca un error y me dice que no se pudo descargar...Remind yourself to keep track of the notes from the newest versions. Are there any plans to integrate this also as button into the favorites or playlists, so I can first add the video to a playlist and then download all of them at once? Maybe stupid question but where do I get version 1.4?

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