Expat dating hanoi


Politically, Vietnam is a socialist republic, but this does not impact the everyday life of expats.

To avoid offending one’s Vietnamese hosts, the Vietnam War is never to be mentioned.

Each date has been fun and simple, just walking around and having some tea or juice. However, they are extremely wary of foreigners coming, promising them the world and either cheating or leaving without them.The northern city of Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital, a fast-changing city filled with new developments, beautiful lakes, bustling streets, restaurants and tens of thousands of motorbikes.Ho Chi Minh City (previously Saigon) in the south is Vietnam’s most important economic hub.Private hospitals in Vietnam generally provide a better standard of care and are usually staffed by doctors from across the globe.Vietnam will tantalise the senses, possibly overloading them at times.Expats moving to Ho Chi Min City can expect skyscrapers, malls and modern restaurants alongside old French-colonial architecture.

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