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But like the fourth film, “Goblet of Fire”, which also had substantial differences from the book, the intent, tone and most important sequences remain intact.

So we still feel these teens’ uncertainty, loneliness and anger as they flounder on their quest.

I was fortunate enough to see this on opening day with a friend. Caution: for those of you who have not already read the book, some of the following may be considered spoilers.

It is based upon the final book in the Harry Potter series, but due to the length of the story, this film only covers the first portion of the book. As the Harry Potter saga draws to a close, “The Deathly Hallows Part 1” has a different, more personal feel than the six previous films.

Voldemort himself attacks the real Harry, but the spell he casts does not work. Harry does arrive safely at Ron’s family home, but there are casualties amongst the others.

Worse, because it is cursed by an evil wizard, mere possession of it poisons the minds of the friends, who turn against each other.One of the Horcruxes is revealed to be in the possession of Dolores Umbridge, a former temporary headmaster at Hogwart’s (the evil woman in pink featured in “Order of the Phoenix”) who is now head inquisitor of wizards with Muggle parents at the Ministry of Magic.In order to capture the Horcrux, Ron, Hermione and Harry must disguise themselves as Ministry members, a bold and dangerous move on their part.There are seven Horcruxes in all, and at the start of this story, only two are destroyed, and they only know what one of the others is but not its location.Nor can Harry, Ron or Hermione rely on the Ministry of Magic, the wizarding world’s governing body.Harry, who has spent each summer in his aunt’s house under magical protection, is about to turn 17, which means his protection will end.

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