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It helps that I usually go with CR39 lenses, which keeps the cost of my glasses hobby under control.30calcat , Since 1980s glasses styles are coming back, I seized the opportunity to re-experience a lovely pair of glasses that I wore for years as a child: I got new lenses for them, and am loving the comfortable feeling of a heavy pair of plastic frames with big, smooth nose pads sliding up and down my nose. A Sphere prescription of -3.25 means that you have Myopia or "built in" 3.25 reading glasses.Cactus Jack , newglasses, I thought I would take a few minutes and explain a bit about how Vision works. That in turn means that everything beyond about 31 cm or 12 inches is increasingly blurry, unless you also have some Astigmatism.If you also have some Cylinder (and Axis) (they always go together) in your glasses, the blur will start closer than the distances mentioned above.30calcat , The pictures on Flickr are a collection of glasses going back almost 20 years, so the lens powers vary.

Actually you should only get the lenses changed in her glasses since that will be cheaper to do.

Turn your pessimism into optimism, look into a good future of your vision development.

I can only send you my gratulations, that you have such a good vision now!

The brain has amazing ability to correct some blur, IF it knows what something is supposed to look like, but it takes a lot of energy and effort.

With external correction using either glasses or contact lenses, your brain gets high quality images from your eyes and the image processing is no longer necessary.

It is very likely that your Ciliary Muscles are very weak.

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