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Hunter spotted an assassin following Sam Koenig; Hunter sneaked out on the assassin and knocked him out, calling to the pedestrians claiming the man had passed out.They then decided to rest at the cabin for the night while they considered their course of action.Once they arrived in Boston, Hunter then watched Ward enter Goldbrix Tavern and reported this to field commander Melinda May.The two men then reviewed the surveillance footage, revealing that Skye used her powers in self-defense before being abducted by a mysterious, eyeless teleporter; Hunter assumed she was abducted by aliens.He and Leo Fitz discussed how Grant Ward and Agent 33 appeared to be genuinely in love with each other; Fitz jokingly told him to concentrate on his bleeding shoulder as it would be less unnerving.would fall apart if angry enhanced individuals destroy them, while putting his feet on Coulson's desk, Coulson noted that maybe the three of them had been spending too much time together.In 2008, he participated in an operation in Basra, Iraq and another in Sierra Leone in 2011 before becoming a mercenary for hire.Eventually, Hunter married Morse, but their relationship was unsteady due to trust issues and the two divorced.

When Bakshi announced that he would be trading Peterson for List's experiments in exchange for a meeting with Wolfgang von Strucker, Hunter called Ward a traitor and a standoff ensued, with Hunter aiming his gun at Ward's head.Coulson received a video call from Melinda May from Afterlife, asking what had happened to Bobbi Morse as she was no longer answering communications.Agent 33, managed to sneak onboard the Bus while disguised as Melinda May; once there she planted a virus in the Bus' systems that would have cause it to explode in a matter of minutes.Seeing that the nervous and unsure Fitz was finally talking about his past and expressing himself, Alphonso Mackenzie and Hunter raised a toast with him about "moving on." Later, the team was contacted by Raina who wanted to meet up with Coulson.During the flight to Japan, Morse and Hunter continued to argue, while May piloted the Quinjet and ignored them.agents Bobbi Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie; the three became close friends during the mission, but Hunter was not given all pertinent information because he was not an agent.

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