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The high quality tea will target staffs and students who enjoy good drink that simply offers good value for money. Marketing Plan The objectives of the company are to: Maintain market share through the change of ownership then grow market share up. The business will achieve these objectives by: Retaining two key staff members of Date Coffee to maintain continuity of customer relationships during the changeover Upgrading signage and shop to be more visually appealing Maintaining the existing price levels and controlling costs Undertaking more aggressive marketing and promotion. Especially, he had had 5 months to work and promote for the Lens Café on Quan Thanh street, thus he can know exactly what to do and what to differentiate this Tea’s house to other Competitors in customer’s mindset Ms.

Just steps to 23/9 Park, the hotel has an on-site restaurant and operates 24-hour front desk.Her mother works as HR Executive in Thang Loi Stock Company so she can ask for adviser about HR from her mother. The business is cash flow positive from the first month of operation Break-Even is estimated at a monthly sales level of 62,631,530 ₫ II. Company description 1.1 Vision statement New style in tea.Create new trend in using tea among younger generation. Business Opportunity In order to build our own Tea House business, named Cảm, which means Felling in English.There are a limited number of tea shop within the market and with both Anh Quang and Mai Anh’s experience in catering services with having successfully operated and managed we will be able to build our name in the market.Staff was very accomodating and upgraded our first night for free.

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