Dating your antique piano


And finally, when you find a piano you think you want to buy, have it inspected by a professional piano technician.

This will give you the most accurate idea of its worth, saving you time and money.

He said: “Sadly, most pianos are, at best, of mediocre quality even if they have great sentimental value – they are just worthless pieces of furniture.

This is because a century ago every home aspired to have a piano – it is what we had in our living rooms rather than a TV.

He used it to play classic pieces such as Your Song.

A first step would be to decide on a price range and appearance you're comfortable with.

Such problems are usually minor and easily corrected, so the repair cost will be money well spent. Consequently, it is impossible to affix a truly unbiased, informed, and accurate value of an instrument knowing only the age, manufacturer, and a vague general impression of it's condition.

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