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We even give reversed versions of each pattern, since you need that for some forms of appliqué.The designs in this new book are all vintage and old-timey in look and feel, hence the name Inspired by Tradition.If you’re a less-experienced quilter, dive in and try something new!

Then there’s a fabulous Introduction to Appliqué that gives Cynthia’s three favorite methods: fusible, freezer-paper-underneath, and traditional needleturn with a marked line. And be sure to go and read her interview over on the Martingale blog. Continuing the blast from the past, we have Treasures from the ’30s: Cheerful Quilts with Vintage Appeal by Nancy Mahoney.

Last weekend I was at the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association’s biannual show.

My booth was right up front and I was delighted to find out that I was directly across from the featured quilters, one of whom was Bobbi Finley!

They’re firmly rooted in the past with the use of the reproduction prints, but the designs are distinctive, open, and carefree to fit comfortably with your sense of today.” In case it’s not enough to give us designs and instructions for very cute projects, Cynthia give us recipes for delicious cookies too!

Butterscotch Oatmeal, Gingersnaps, and Peanut Blossoms are just a few of the old-fashioned confections sprinkled throughout the book.

50 blocks shown in a thumbnail library so you can choose your block, and a CD that you stick into your computer, choose any one of 5 sizes, and print right at home!

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