Dating site links

Thai Love Links, now called Thai Cupid, is the biggest dating site in Thailand by a good margin.

Pictures that show you doing cool stuff or doing interesting hobbies are also always a hit.All in all, both sites are excellent, but Thai Friendly requires more effort and better profile (pictures).If you’re an older guy, I’d say Thai Cupid is the best choice and if you’re a younger guy, you could probably do best on Thai Friendly.The search function allows you to search on a wide variety of criteria, from the basic ones like age, location, height, weight, but you can also search by if she has children and if she wants children, education, what she is looking for and much, much more. It is 100% free to open a profile on Thai Love Links/Thai Cupid, but you can’t use that profile for much besides looking around (and getting lots of interest).Because there are so many girls on this site, this means that you can laser-focus your efforts on exactly what you desire. To read and reply to messages, at least one of the members in the conversation needs to be a paying member, and since Thai girls generally don’t have a lot of extra money to spare, that is likely going to be you.Thai Cupid is a site that is popular in all of Thailand, while Thai Friendly is most popular in Bangkok and to a lesser degree Chiang Mai.

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