Dating ornges apples lemons


They are also really easy to make and a lot cheaper than buying ready made ones.

Britain imports a good proportion of citrus fruit from Spain, 90 per cent of which travels here via road freight.Oranges from the US and Brazil are grown mainly for the juice industry, while Spain, the fourth-largest grower, grows mainly for the fresh-fruit markets.Note that while fresh fruit is highly nutritious, juice concentrates produced for the orange drink markets have little nutritional value. In theory, it is best to buy from the country nearest to you.If a banana's secret weapon is its ability to ripen off the tree, the orange is the fruit with the winning attire.Once waxed, the tough, water and germproof protection of its skin is its secret weapon.Without it we would consume few oranges and without citrus fruit in our diet, we'd be a sorry lot.

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